Welcome to Ageless Iron TV, America’s premier program featuring the great tractors and machines that shaped America’s farmland and helped build a nation. These machines have an amazing history to tell and display a nostalgic beauty that is admired and celebrated by millions. From avid collectors to casual fans, Ageless Iron is a centerpiece of Americana.

Ageless Iron Television is produced by REL Productions Ltd., in cooperation with Meredith Corporations’ Successful Farming Magazine. REL Productions is a full-service HD ready television production company with over 20 years of agriculture focused award winning programming experience. REL currently co-produces “The Machinery Show” for Successful Farming Magazine. Producer partner Meredith Corporation (MDP/NYSE) is recognized as a global leader in magazine publication and digital media properties with a combined circulation of over 30 million across 21 magazine and 150 news stand titles. (MRI Spring 2012)

Ageless Iron TV is hosted by Dave Mowitz,
a Nebraska farm boy and 30 year editorial director with Meredith Corporations’ Successful Farming Magazine and Ageless Iron Almanac. Dave is also host and producer of “The Machinery Show”, airing nationally in prime time for the seventh season on RFD TV. The Machinery Show is one of the highest rated professional ag-focused program on RFD TV, and is watched by over 700,000 viewers weekly. (Nielsen 2012)