Ageless-Iron_3D_DVD_Mockup3_LRAgeless Iron TV and Successful Farming® present the international award-winning documentary that explores the role of farmers and agricultural equipment during our nation’s most challenging times. Learn how farmers and equipment makers adapted for war through both innovation and sacrifice. See the machines that made the difference from the farm to the front lines.

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“Great job in capturing the essence of food versus fight. The social ramifications of World War I and World War II in food technology is a phenomenal story that is not well known or understood.” – Roger Flom

“Amazing video! It kept my attention from beginning to end. Everyone should know this untold story of World War II and the American Farmer!” – John Dunnegan, Midwest Old Threshers

“Tractors at War – To farm or fight, brings the story of how a strong American manufacturing and farming operations came together to wage their own battle against oppressive forces during WWII. The video is informative and entertaining in its presentation.”
Craig Johnson, Heartland Acres Agribition Center